How to Increase Website Traffic?

ways to increase website traffic

So I built my brand new website, now how do I increase website traffic?, or how do I start getting attracting traffic to my website?

The short answer is, make your website attractive to users. How? with free, quality, original content.

What makes your website so special that internet users should spend their valuable time on it instead of a competitor's or any other?

Your website should answer a question, fulfill a need or both. Here are some ways to achieve this:

1. Create original content that is informative and helpful.
Although it is tempting to copy or borrow content that is already well written and pasting it on your site, please resist. If you do this, you will only be wasting your time. Algorithms created by Google and other search engines only get smarter and will actually penalize you for doing this. Instead, use the content you find as a starting point for your own content. Answer questions like, How can I add to this conversation or what else can I say about this topic that wasn't mentioned before?

In short, make sure your content has a focus. This is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is easy to start creating content that doesn't have a central point. Just like in everyday conversation, when someone starts talking about a subject, you quickly start searching for the point they are trying to make. If the person keeps on talking without making a point quickly you lose interest and can actually get lost in conversation. Similarly, Search Engines are constantly looking the point of your website, your blog post, or your webpage? The faster the search engine can find it, the faster it can show it to relevant searchers of that information. So get to the point.

3. Get relevant sites to link to you.
Easier said than done, yes, but like everything else, if it wasn't easy, everyone would do it. Sometimes, getting a site to add a link to your site is as easy as asking. Sometimes, you have to earn the right to have a reputable add a link to your site. This can be done in several ways, but more than likely reputable sites earned such reputation by providing quality content themselves; therefore if you add value to their existing success, they will be happy to link to you.

4. Social Media
By far, the most widely used way to attract visitors to your website. Chances are that you are already part of a social network and your business has a company page, if not start now. Although, websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the giants in this medium, the right medium will depend on the type of content you are sharing. Again, as in "real" life no ones likes to be told what to do or where to go but everyone loves a great suggestion at an appropriate time. Make sure you follow conversations that pertain to your company and make suggestion on how content from your site can be helpful for their needs. But only if it is helpful. Sometimes your site will be the best resource and sometimes it won't be. If it's not and you know a better one, suggest it anyway. In the future when your site is the right resource and you suggested, it will be that much more appreciated.

5. Leverage Advertising
If you have the budget, this is the fastest way to drive visitors to your site. By starting a well put together focused campaign on Goggle Adwords, you can be sure you will drive traffic to your website. The Key though, is focused. It is easy to waste your money in advertising if your ads don't meet the expectations of the visitors you attract. Imagine having a sign outside your business promising to solve all problems and needs. You might get people looking for everything from relationship advice to a new pair of shoes. Instead, if your business sells shoes, just build a campaign to advertise the newest model of your shoe inventory, and link them to the page dedicated to that particular shoe. Advertising and SEO share the same common goal, to connect visitors with the content they are searching for. The difference is that with paid advertising, your ad is placed on top of regular searches and given priority.

6. Be very Patient
Increasing website traffic takes time. How much time? It depends, but unless your service or product is the next big innovation, it is quite a long time. You have to get in line and wait just like the other businesses that have already done the steps above had to wait their turn. But you might think, well I will never get to be #1 on google. The goal shouldn't be to be #1 on google, the goal should be to be relevant and original. The more relevant and original the content of your website becomes to internet users, the faster you will increase your website traffic. Yes be patient but also, get to the point.