How to plan content for my website

Content is King

It is very exciting to have your website finally completed and ready for content, but then, the question rises, how to plan content for website ?

Here are some tips on how to plan content for website, once it is completed, or even better, while it is being built.

  1. Content audit: lay everything out on the table.
  2. Audience research: get your head into the mindset of the crowd.
  3. Information architecture: develop your site structure.
  4. Define goals: empower your audience to complete tasks you set along the path.
  5. Calls to action: identify key calls to action, and measure their effectiveness.
  6. Content development: break up your content into manageable chunks.
  7. Workflow: automate the process when possible to keep things fresh.

The truth is that today content is king, but content doesn't show up over night.  Content requires time, quality content at least.  Therefore, I recommend on top of the tips above to gather what you already have, even if it isn't organized in the way that you would want it. Chances are that the outcome will be better if you use what you have, rather than trying to come up with content last minute. Think back to your college years and imagine trying to write a 20 page essay within 24 hours. That is what it is like to try to create quality content over night. Instead make it a habit to create content as often as you can.

Another way to come up with content from existing sources is to use any notes that you might have stored in your computer. phone, evernote, etc. More than likely you have quality content stored there that just needs to be developed.   The point is to be honest to yourself whether you do have content or you don't and start from there. If you don't your site will be bare but overtime it won't be, if you start creating content today.